Our Story

Nothing accessorizes better than a beautiful, well-made watch. It’s a statement piece, it shows people how much you value your time and appearance. We’re avid followers of the fashion world, but even though there are more brands than ever before, timepiece design has gotten stale. We noticed watchmakers have become complacent so we decided to design something that disrupts the market and jumpstarts its creativity again.

For so long, the only watch brands discussed in most circles were ones asking for nearly as much as some people make in a year, for little more than the privilege of wearing their name. Everything else on the market was hardly worth mentioning. So, we took it upon ourselves to make affordable watches with American designs and a quality people just can’t help talking about.

Our Mission

The Devil is in the details

Designing high-quality, affordable watches is a painstaking process. But we’re perfectionists. We pour our heart and soul into every iteration of each of our designs. It’s always upsetting when we have to scrap a design we’ve spent weeks of our lives on, but it means only our best work gets to adorn your wrist.

Designed in California

Kole Royale watches come straight from the mind of our founder, Kole Samman. Designed in the Golden State, they’re heavily influenced by California’s laid-back aesthetic. We’re supported by a global team, so whomever and wherever our products reach, our network ensures we have complete control, from production until band meets hand.